Mobile Apps

iOS and Android App Development

We design, develop, and maintain apps for our customers — and for ourselves.

Maybe you have an idea for an app, but you aren’t sure how to get started. Or, maybe you’ve got an app on one platform that you’d like to bring to the other. We have experience helping customers at any stage successfully launch mobile apps, whether we were on the project from day one or were brought on to fix and update existing work.

All of our mobile app projects have been cross-platform, so we’re very familiar with how the Apple App Store and Google Play Store submission and review processes. Each have their own quirks, and having this knowledge ahead of time saves development time that might otherwise be wasted on unsupported methods and features.

We also build apps for ourselves at Twin State to keep us tuned into the development, marketing, and maintenance needs that require specialized knowledge in the mobile app industry. This not only gives us opportunities to pursue new ventures as a company (which is fun), it also gives us an excuse to have a whole bunch of iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, Android tablets, and other mobile devices around the office for testing (also fun). Having access to a device lab helps us deliver a better experience for the people who end up using the things we make with our clients.

App Store Optimization

You’ve heard of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), but searches inside the Apple App Store and Google Play Store are the #1 contributor to app purchases. This means it’s critical that your app is properly described, categorized, and monitored to ensure that you show up in relevant searches. Our in-house SEO/SEM/ASO expert will help you coordinate a strategy that includes web and app store searches, ensuring your brand is consistent and able to be found by prospective customers.