SharePoint Development & Integration

If you’re looking for an easy solution for site creation and content changes, SharePoint can fulfill your company’s needs.  SharePoint has features for custom-developed or vendor-provided components that allow us to customize the environment based on your company's needs.

SharePoint Capabilities: 

  • Building workflows which create reports, e-mails, and logic for manipulation of data collected and contained within the SharePoint environment. We can do any of the above anywhere within the farm setup, not just at the root level.
  • Managing SharePoint servers including database, front ends, and app server and related functions with connected servers.
  • Identifying problems in broken integration, incorrect content, and other errors, and making corrections and recommendations for resolutions.
  • Creating and supporting integrations among SharePoint and other systems.
  • Creating new forms and adding forms from SharePoint’s inventory of available templates.
  • Monitoring site’s health, jobs, and services running and relating to the SharePoint environment.
  • Managing new SharePoint features, as well as installing patches, releases, and benefits or areas of concern.
  • Performing user training for contributors and users of the various SharePoint software pieces.
  • Managing SharePoint Groups and Audiences, including granting permissions and filtering content.

We will work with you to set up and install a SharePoint environment for your company, focusing on the features that are most relevant to your specific needs.