Custom Programming & Software Development

Custom Software Development for Businesses

We help systems talk to each other. With a broad customer base representing healthcare, finance, manufacturing, construction, law, retail, nonprofit, and education, working with third party hardware and software systems is one of our core competencies. While each of these serve a purpose in our customers’ infrastructure, they don’t always do a great job sharing data among these platforms. You don’t have to settle for that.

We routinely work with application program interfaces (APIs) and write custom programs to make sure your data is organized, shared, and stored in ways that help you run your business more efficiently. Our programmers work closely with designers, network engineers, and writers to make sure what we produce is useful, stable, and well-documented.

Commercial Software Development

In addition to the integration, scripting, and maintenance work our programmers do for our clients own systems, we also help them create software for wider distribution. Several Twin State employees are Venture School graduates and have firsthand experience at bringing software products to market.

Let’s say you’re trying to automate a process that is time- and resource-intensive. If your business is facing this issue, chances are others in your industry or a related field are doing the same. Twin State has helped our customers repackage and sell these solutions commercially, which generates additional revenue.

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

We also make mobile apps for iOS, Android, and the web. If you want to read more about our experience developing for smartphones and tablets, please visit our Mobile Apps page.