Student Registration Application

EZ Enroll

Does your school use JMC Student Record Management Software? Are you still manually filling out and filing various enrollment forms for individual students every year?

We created a program which integrates with your JMC software. This program eliminate time spent on tedious enrollment tasks such as state mandated reporting, sorts into directories for enhanced printing, reduces steps in promoting students to the next grade level, and allows forms unique to each school to be handled electronically to reduce manual data entry. All this helps each year transition smoothly into the next with reduced errors and lessens the burden on school administration staff.

Unlike other registration software on the market, the EZ Enroll system by Twin State can be used for any grade level from Pre-K to high school. This online school registration system saves parents the hassle of completing numerous, redundant forms to enroll each of their children each year. It is also a more convenient system for the schools than to manually log all the paperwork into their system. Instead of answering the same questions year after year, this system transfers the information in each student's forms with them as they progress to the next school year. This allows returning parents and guardians to look over their previous year’s submission and update it without having to complete each form again.

How much time could  you save with online registration?

See how much time Assumption High School saved with our EZ Enroll system on our case study!

JMC is a Student Record Management Software company which is completely independent from Twin State Tech.  JMC creates software that is continually evolving to accommodate clients' requests.  Twin State’s program integrates its own independent programs to automate certain tasks which further increase user productivity in using the JMC student record management software.