The sky is the limit with animation. From flashy 2-D logo animations to sleek 3-D product showcase videos, Twin State Technical services has the experience and know-how to bring your next animation project to life.

Animated Interface

Improve the user experience on your website or app with animated buttons, transitions, slide out windows. These animations not only make navigating your site more exciting, but it can help guide users. Prevent people from getting lost and annoyed and drive them to what they are searching for.

Animated Logos

Add a more professional look to your logo. Every type of logo can benefit from a spark of animation. Character style logos easily lend themselves to animation, but even modern sleek logos can be improved with a flashy appearance for presentations, corporate videos, or even social media GIFs.

Animated Videos

Sometimes traditional recorded videos are not feasible or simply out of scope. Animated videos do not require expensive cameras, location scheduling, or nice weather.

Here are just a few ways your company may benefit from an animated video –

  • Use 3-D renders to present concept products before going into production.
  • Break down complex devices, and zoom into specific parts.
  • Instruct customers or employees with step-by-step instructional videos.
  • Create eye-catching promo videos to share your latest products or services on social media.
  • Or simply just add in some extra polish to a recorded video with some motion graphics or title overlays.