We will provide a director that is present throughout the entire process. Our director will work with you to plan out the video shoot, shot by shot, and ensures the plan and vision is followed through to completion.

First, the director will work with you to create a complete script, visual storyboard, and shot list to outline the video. Once you approve the shot list, production can begin.

Before shooting, the director will scout out the locations to recognize  for potential challenges and prepare the set, so the shoot runs smoothly, and no time is wasted.

During the shoot, our director is the go-to person for communication. They will coordinate with everyone involved: the camera operators, on-screen talent, and any of your staff members on site.

Between takes, the director will review shot continuity, so all the footage needed is properly captured.

Besides following the shot list, the director will also instruct B-roll shots. It’s better to have more than less, and this extra footage can be edited in to add some extra flare.

After the shoot, the director will guide the editing process until the first cut is approved by you.