Video Production

Are you looking to move beyond just static images? Video content will not only help you stand out but provides you a better tool to communicate your message. Whether you are looking for high quality product features, flashy montage clips for your homepage, or concise social media posts, Twin State Technical Services can put your vision onto screens.

Video Production Services for the QC

Twin State Technical Services can manage every stage of development.


First, we will brainstorm with you to make sure we understand your goals, intent, and target audience for the video. At the end of pre-production, we will have a written script, visual storyboards, and a detailed shot list to cover every step, location and technical requirements for production.


When it comes to the big day to start filming, Twin State Technical Services will orchestrate the shoot and can provide all the necessary HD cameras, lighting, teleprompters and even talent if needed. We will be there to direct the crew and ensure the shot list is followed and done on schedule.


Now is the time for the final touches. At our studio, we will edit in motion graphics, voice-over, music tracks, and more to make sure you receive a final polished video that you will be proud to show off.