Remote Monitoring

Remote network monitoring is very popular among our client base, because it enables us to proactively address issues before they become work-stopping problems.

Our network monitoring service gives both parties immediate feedback on the health of your information systems. If there’s a problem with your Internet connection or server, we’ll know right away and be able to start working on a solution. This means you’ll spend less time reporting problems and we’ll spend less time diagnosing them, saving money and resources. In fact, this system gives us the ability to fix some problems remotely.

Network monitoring also helps us take a proactive approach to your systems and fix minor issues before they become huge problems. We’ll know if you’re running low on disk space or if your system hasn’t yet installed critical security patches. By allowing us to learn about problems before they escalate into “system down” situations, we avoid the costly work needed to recover systems and data. We have prevented complete system failures in several cases since we started offering this service, including catching server hard drives that were beginning to degrade (and replacing them prior to loss). The results have been significant.

How it Works

If there’s an issue, alerts are sent both to our Help Desk experts and to a centralized dashboard on display here at Twin State. These alerts are color coded by severity, and we respond to critical problems (such as a server going down) immediately. Issues are assigned to your network engineer, who will follow up with you to arrange a site visit. If it’s an emergency, our Help Desk will dispatch anyone who is qualified to solve your issue.

We can also set custom alerts to deliver via email, SMS (text), or by phone, so if someone in your organization needs to be looped in, it’s no problem.

Our remote monitoring service has improved our response rate and increased customer satisfaction across the board. We think you’re going to like it, too. Give us a call to discuss.