Tier 1 Technical Phone Support

If you have your own IT staff, they may be spending a good portion of their day responding to routine questions and issues (e.g., password resets, questions about basic software applications). Twin State can provide Tier I support to quickly identify and fix these common issues for you, freeing up your in-house IT to focus more time on larger projects. Our Help Desk works closely with all of us in-house here at Twin State, and as trained engineers they know when a situation needs to be escalated.  We will gather the necessary information, troubleshoot to eliminate quick fixes, and escalate only when necessary.

In practice, this has saved our customers a lot of time — particularly those who have multiple locations to support. By outsourcing this level of support to Twin State, you can rest assured that the phones will be answered promptly by trained tech support who work in-house here in Davenport, not a stranger reading from a script.