We are proud of our team and the unique perspectives each of them brings. Twin State continues to grow and thrive through the dedication and hard work of each team member and effective management. Please take some time to meet our team, digitally speaking.

Here is one of our amazing team members:

bill stinocher

Bill Stinocher

Bill Stinocher joined Twin State in 2006 and is currently developing an ERP suite of software for a large manufacturer. Bill has extensive manufacturing experience and worked for over a decade at Sears Manufacturing as Lead Programmer and Project Leader. Bill has developed real-time, web-driven shop floor data collection systems for MRP manufacturing systems, payroll, and managed mainframe installations. He has also written three business enterprise systems.

When he isn’t working, Bill enjoys photography, camping, fishing, and spending time with his granddaughter. For the last twenty-odd years, Bill has also played lead guitar in a local band.


  • Database design
  • Windows applications
  • .NET
  • C#
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