We are proud of our team and the unique perspectives each of them brings. Twin State continues to grow and thrive through the dedication and hard work of each team member and effective management. Please take some time to meet our team, digitally speaking.

Here is one of our amazing team members:

profile photo of Brett Hippler

Brett Hippler

Brett joined Twin State in May 2016 as an Intern when he was studying for his Bachelor’s in Computer Network Administration with a minor in Business Management from St. Ambrose University. After graduating in 2019, he rejoined the TSTS team as a Network Engineer.

Since rejoining the team in 2019, Brett has become the Account Manager for multiple K-12 schools in Eastern Iowa. To enhance and enrich the classroom experience for educators and students, he consults for network infrastructure and implements solutions to improve teaching efficiency and the students’ online learning experience.

Brett has years of experience with Windows Server deployment and management and with Apple/Google devices and software.

Outside of the workplace, Brett likes to spend his free time creating tasty meals, making gardens look beautiful, and fishing.


  • Apple MDM Specialist
  • Google Admin Console Manager
  • Network infrastructure and wireless guru


  • Mosyle MDM
  • Windows Server Deployment and Management

Local Favorites

  • Granite City
  • Ambrose campus
  • Vander Veer park
  • Emeis golf course
  • Starbucks

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what 3 things would you bring?

  • A pocket knife
  • A lighter
  • A first aid kit
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