We are proud of our team and the unique perspectives each of them brings. Twin State continues to grow and thrive through the dedication and hard work of each team member and effective management. Please take some time to meet our team, digitally speaking.

Here is one of our amazing team members:

Headshot Photo of Crystal J. Milburn

Crystal J. Milburn

Crystal joined the Twin State Technical team in 2020 as a Copywriter. She has more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience, which led her to love the unexpected: WRITING. Proficient at copywriting and copyediting SEO-friendly content, her wheelhouse includes blogs, emails, newsletters, website content and annual reports. She has worked for several media agencies and is currently assisting many of our clients with content marketing by integrating movement, tone and flow to make content engaging, not only for the audience but also the search engines.

Crystal has a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University in Marketing.

Outside of work, Crystal enjoys working out, preparing (and eating) healthy food and hanging out with her four nephews!