We are proud of our team and the unique perspectives each of them brings. Twin State continues to grow and thrive through the dedication and hard work of each team member and effective management. Please take some time to meet our team, digitally speaking.

Here is one of our amazing team members:

Headshot Photo of Crystal J. Milburn

Crystal J. Milburn

Crystal joined the Twin State team in February 2021. She has an Associate in Arts in Business from Black Hawk College and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Northern Illinois University.

Prior to securing a career that perfectly aligned with her soul, Crystal spent 11 years in corporate B2B sales at organizations such as Sage Products and Lenovo. From there, she transitioned into marketing, using her degree to assist salespeople. While working for her first web agency, she wrote her first blog and that was the start of something special!

Crystal has spent the last 10 years copywriting, copyediting, and fashioning the English language in the most creative ways. At Twin State, she is our copywriter who writes SEO-friendly copy for our web clients who are seeking connection and engagement with their audience while gaining valuable real estate in Google’s prestigious search results.

Outside of work, Crystal enjoys staying fit and cooking delicious, healthy meals. When she’s not in the kitchen, she goes “auntventuring” with her four nephews and loves group or solo mountain biking.

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