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Omnichannel Customer Support using Zendesk

Zendesk was founded in 2007 and is considered a Software as a Service (SaaS) company.

Introduction to omnichannel customer support

You likely interact with omnichannel customer support, also referred to as omnichannel marketing, regularly in your daily life. If you have contacted a brand or company with a question or concern, you probably have multiple ways to communicate, including email, phone, knowledge base, and live chat.

Omnichannel marketing creates a seamless customer experience across all channels. This marketing strategy integrates customer interactions, such as social media messages, texts, phone calls, and emails into a central workflow for rapid and documented customer service response. Omnichannel marketing facilitates all departments working together to promote your products or services creating loyal customers in the process.

One of the most well-known and oft-used omnichannel products is Zendesk. In this page, we’ll tell you about the benefits of using Zendesk for omnichannel marketing and how it can help your organization, marketing effort, and customer engagement.

Disclaimer: Twin State is a Zendesk Partner. This means we can get you up and running in no time. 😉

The Benefits of using Zendesk for Omnichannel Marketing

No Wrong Door

Whether by self-help articles, service forms, chat, or phone, no matter when and where your staff serves, your clients will always have a method of reaching you through multiple channels.

Distributed Workload

Many potential hires now look for remote work and flexible schedules, which Zendesk enables.

Easier Hiring

Many potential hires now look for remote work and flexible schedules, which Zendesk enables.

Automated workflow

Want unanswered tickets to get routed to a manager after 24 hours? You can, with Zendesk.

Track & Improve

Integrated analytics allow you to see what articles are getting the most attention and where clients are resorting to phone calls.

Client Testimonial

All CRMs provide excellent reporting and analysis tools. Zendesk has a robust suite of data visualizations that allows you to slice data to the Agency, group (department), or individual level. These tools help us implement the ROMA cycle and improve operations.
Roger PaveyWestern Illinois Regional Council & Community Action Agency

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Zendesk Whitepaper

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Girl holding Zendesk omnichannel marketing pricing sheet

What does it cost?

Zendesk has a tiered pricing structure that scales based on the number of agents using the system. We can help you select the plan that’s right for your organization and get it started so you’re off to the races with your new omnichannel marketing strategy!

Zendesk omnichannel customer service support solution offers simple, yet powerful tools that make it easy for customers to engage with your business—where and when it’s right for them. Channels are connected so conversations are seamless, agents are more productive, and information can be shared across your company. It’s the experience customers want, and when you give it to them, they’ll be yours for life.

Who Benefits from Using Zendesk Omnichannel Customer Support?

Almost everyone can benefit from an improved customer communication experience. There are numerous industries that can use Zendesk to support their customers and make work easier for their own team in the process. They include:

Understanding how Zendesk can work for some of these industries can help you plan your own omnichannel customer support plan. Here are a few examples of implementations that put Zendesk to work in a few of these industries.


Financial Services



Help Desks


Internal HR


Government & Municipalities

Zendesk is an excellent tool to help government agencies and municipalities to deliver on the expectations of their constituents. Citizens are also customers and will want to get help in a way that is easiest for them. With an omnichannel support solution like Zendesk, you can offer support from self-service (such as checking a status) to agent help for proactive support (such as answering questions about utility billing). Deliver a modern, digital experience while remaining compliant. With the reporting solutions available in Zendesk you can use data to help you make better decisions and stay connected with your constituents.

Download Gov & Municipalities Datasheet (PDF)

Icon of a government building.
Icon of a hospital.


Use Zendesk to build healthier relationships with your patients. Your patient’s health is obviously very important to them. By prioritizing their communication experience, you can ease the stress that may be related to their experience. Zendesk provides secure, flexible, and most importantly, easy-to-use communication channels for a seamless connection to your patients. It allows you to be personal, do regular check-ins, and easily work with your own team to manage your communications for the best experience for patients and your staff.

Download Healthcare Datasheet (PDF)


Manufacturers need to maintain great relationships with vendors, suppliers, and customers. Having a strong communication plan is key to delivering high-quality goods on time and on budget. By using email, chat, and phone with dealers and distributors you can address service-related inquiries and drive sales to the end customer faster and more efficiently.  Reduce the number of manual tasks needed to communicate and bring all communications into one place to become more efficient in an industry where time is money.  Use data and apps to follow your customers’ experience through your website to make informed decisions on how to increase ROI through the best possible customer experience on your website and beyond.

Download Manufacturing Datasheet (PDF)

Icon of a factory.
Icon of a mall.


To keep customers happy, you need to make every communication matter in the retail world. It can mean the difference between consistent sales or a perceived poor reputation. Zendesk allows you to better understand every customer. A happy customer is a customer that comes back. Always be available to your customers using a chatbot or social channel. Get them the answers they need even when you’re not there with macros and other tools. Use automation and AI to support your shoppers with quick answers. Make it easy to communicate and watch your customer base grow, which in turn grows sales.

Download Retail Datasheet (PDF)

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Zendesk lets you meet people where they want to be met. These examples show a few ways that Zendesk can improve the customer experience, but also the efficiency of your team. Bring your communications into one platform and use it to organize, build a knowledge base, grow your customer engagement, and make people happy! Use data to confirm your communication plan is working and continually improve the experience for everyone.

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