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Thank you to everyone who came to Twin State’s April 2018 CIE!

Our CIE in April was a resounding success! Our clients and staff are excited and engaged to apply what they learned to their daily practices and get more out of their days.

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See below for more information on our past event and what to expect in our coming events. More to come soon!

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April Microsoft Immersion Experience Graphic

What is a Microsoft Immersion Experience?

An immersion experience is a facilitated hands-on session to “Experience the Possible” by test-driving Microsoft devices and solutions through simulated, everyday scenarios. During an immersion session, you will experience the true impact of being a Microsoft-powered organization. We’ll provide a skilled facilitator to walk you through scenarios using the latest Microsoft online services and some of the newest PCs, phones and tablet devices on the market.

There is no set agenda. Each immersive session is unique, as it is based on the interest of the session’s participants to offer real world solutions that can solve your business challenges. Immersion sessions are 2-3 hours in length.

What to expect

  • No slides, demos or sales pitches
  • Custom session based on the interest, priorities and needs of you and your colleagues
  • Time to play a part. Each participant will select the character "persona" to play for the session
  • A facilitator to guide you through a live environment in the cloud to explore for yourself "what's possible"
  • Fun!

Quickly see what others are saying in the video below.

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The CIE lets customers experience everyday work-related scenarios hands-on, such as:

  • Collaborating with co-workers on-site and off-site on the most recent versions of documents
  • Sharing information and communicating with others efficiently
  • Managing an email inbox that takes up valuable time
  • Keeping documents and communications secure and safe from threats
  • Using business intelligence solutions to gain key insights and make smarter business decisions

Microsoft Cloud Immersion Experience

Micah and Eddy at Microsoft Training in Chicago

Micah Mosher, our Client & Business Development Manager, and Eddy Boggs, our Network Manager, at the Microsoft Training in Chicago. They are now certified to facilitate the “Microsoft Cloud Immersion Experience” (CIE) for your business! 

Client Testimonials

"You can see a lot of Microsoft's products in a very short window."

"Being able to try new Microsoft products and learning what they do!"

"Informative! No Pressure. Casual Environment. Fun."

"It will give a good overview of the types of services Office 365 offers."

"Very informative and worth your time to attend."

"A way to learn about apps you may not know about."

"Snapshot of Microsoft 365, good way to be introduced."

"Opens up the mind to different ways of doing things and being more productive."

General Focus - Learn More

The Cloud Immersion Experience (CIE) is a powerful tool where you can explore and discover hands-on with an interactive, virtual “sandbox” environment populated with data, files, personas, and Microsoft solutions at your own pace. Facilitators foster discussion that benefits the organization and their goals, which changes the conversation from a product-specific discussion to a platform discussion. By letting you experience and explore what is possible at your own pace, we can help you see how Office 365 and Windows 10 are directly relevant to your daily work and can deliver value for your business.

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Healthcare Focus - Learn More

With the rapidly changing landscape in healthcare delivery, including security, privacy, and documentation requirements, healthcare organizations are being challenged more than ever to use technology to improve care delivery in a compliant and secure manner.  New technology developments communications, mobility, and cloud services have been enabling healthcare organizations to communicate and collaborate in ways that were previously not possible, and we would like to show you how you can take advantage of these.

Healthcare Microsoft CIE Graphic


Construction Focus - Learn More

The complexities of any construction industry cannot be overstated.  Many look to increase effectiveness during construction, where engineers can visualize complexities surrounding the project so design changes can easily be integrated throughout the project. This is possible today, and we'd like to show you how.

Construction CIE Graphic


Financial Focus - Learn More

Finance is a prime example of an industry where Microsoft partners are paving the way to a new customer experience. Whether they’re securing payments or harnessing AI and big data to improve risk management, Microsoft partners are on the front lines, addressing global challenges and driving industry change. With all of the industry changes, we would like to show you how you can be more productive.


Financial Microsoft CIE Graphic