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Each month we host a free client event to educate our clients on various topics that will help them grow and improve their businesses. The following is a recap of our Social Media Marketing Seminar from February 2019. If you have a topic you would like to suggest, please contact our Client and Business Development Manager, Micah Mosher.

Designing your Business Profile Page

It doesn’t matter if you run a small local shop or a national company, having visually interesting business profile pages for customers to land on is essential for connecting with your customers!

Profile Image

Screenshot of Facebook Profile Image

Consider the Framing

Some platforms display images in a square or circular shape. If it is a circle, as is the case for Facebook and Twitter, make sure nothing important is cut out.

Keep it Iconic

Profile images can be displayed at small sizes, so keep this image simple and readable. At Twin State Technical Services, we created an abbreviated logo with just a T and S. This can also come in handy for embroidery and other printed marketing materials. You do not need the full name of your company in your profile picture, because as you can see, your company’s name will always be displayed next to your profile picture.

screenshot of Facebook comment

Banner Image


screenshot of Facebook banner image

Consider both Desktop and Mobile scales.

Keep in mind, the width of this image changes based on desktop, phones, tablets, etc. To prevent anything important from being cut out, we recommend keeping any important imagery in the center.

Comparison of Facebook banner image scaling on desktop and mobile

Branding not Marketing

This is not a hard rule. If you can consistently update, feel free to use the banner to promote sales or new products. Some good topics for this image could include your full logo centered, a nice image of your building, or a cool picture of a flagship product. The main goal is to set a style and present your corporate tone.

Make sure both your profile and banner images are high resolution!

Choose the Right Platform

You do not need to be on every social platform. It’s better to manage one account well, with consistent posts and quick replies, than to spread yourself too thin.

    • Facebook – Facebook sends out a lot of traffic. More than any other network. Since it’s geared towards news and entertainment you want to keep your content light and entertaining. And video content performs the best here.
    • Twitter – Twitter is more a news platform. Curation and retweeting is thus encouraged here. You want to focus on trending hashtags and topics.
    • LinkedIn – The professional network where industry articles, interesting data, and short, to-the-point sentences go a long way.
    • Instagram – A platform well suited for visual brands. Pictures, call-out quotes, and short videos are doing well here.
    • Pinterest – Great for visual brands as it’s completely geared towards imagery. Most users look for inspiration here.


Purposeful Content

You do not want to post fluff just to post. Create purposeful content that will intrigue your customers. We recommend posting on social media no less than 2 times per week. Consistency is critical to successful social media marketing.

chart of actions that cause consumers to unfollow

Post Topic Ideas

    • Holidays (good for engagement and goodwill)
    • Service-related
    • Product related
    • Seasonal sales
    • Client/Customer Testimonial
    • Tell people about new blogs, new white papers, etc.

Don’t forget the visual elements. They help convey your message more clearly, quickly and will help you stand out from the crowd.

    • Videos
    • Photos
    • GIFs

Audience Engagement

Commercials talk at customers, but on social media, you can talk with customers.

    • Ask Questions
    • Start Polls
    • Answer Questions
    • Join Conversations
    • Free Giveaway Signups

Chart of Consumer Sentiment

Direct your Audience

You don’t always want to come off like you are selling, but you do want to set call to actions and direct people with links when appropriate.

    • Blogs
    • Product Pages
    • Service Pages

Buyer's Journey Map

Helpful Downloads

PowerPoint Presentation

Social Media Resources


Contact Twin State Technical Services at 563-441-1504 or online today to learn how your company can benefit from Social Media Marketing.

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